The Audy Auto Body Team

It is our mission to provide overall customer satisfaction. Audy Auto Body is here to provide quality repair and to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible in a difficult situation. We want everyone to leave feeling that our service was stellar and that they would be comfortable recommending us to friends.

Audy Auto Body is committed to providing great customer service and quality repair. As one of the few shops to receive the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia's Premiere Achiever Award, we have proven that our company can provide customers with the service they expect.

Sylvain & Jacqueline Audy - Owners

Sylvain & Jacqueline have been in the Auto Body industry for over 25 years and have become well known for their dedication to customer service, quality repairs and community service. Many of their customers have been with them since they opened shop in 1994.

Ian Franklin - Manager

Ian has been with Audy Auto Body for 13 years and is committed to seeing that the highest standards of customer satisfaction and excellence in repairs are upheld at all times.
Audy Team


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